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About Us

Equal Scotland is a newly established and registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). It was founded to offer a new innovative and social enterprise model and structure as the start of a new generation of the Third Sector in Scotland. Equal Scotland is a cost-effective, progressive, sustainable and ethical organisation which incorporates elements of social enterprise whilst tackling inequalities throughout Scotland. We aim to have a national profile by 2018 and we welcome all individuals and organisations from across the voluntary, public and private sectors, to join us as (free) members to collectively tackle inequalities, discrimination and prejudice faced by society and to encourage and improve collective action and community empowerment.  We are passionate about people and our ethos is one which focuses on the importance of developing collaborative sustainable partnerships whilst identifying and addressing gaps in service provisions across the Equalities landscape in Scotland.

Equal Scotland has 3 key charitable purposes which form the basis of our ethos, model and strategy. These are:

  1. To promote issues of Equality and Diversity through raising-awareness and increasing knowledge and understanding.
  2. To advance education through the provision of learning opportunities for all via events, discussions, seminars, lectures and exhibitions.
  3. The advancement of citizenship and community development through working with communities to actively engage in social and civic life to achieve social equality for all.

Services & Activities

Equal Scotland is a national equality and diversity organisation. We research, identify and address gaps in the equalities landscape across all protected characteristics. We aim to work with all stakeholders to champion and sustain essential and impactful programmes. We will strive to increase and enhance all opportunities towards a more Equal Scotland.

  1. Provision of bespoke training packages focusing on Equality and Diversity issues offering a tiered-level approach to training packages (E-Learning to be developed)
  2. The Design and Delivery of an exciting new Learning Program focusing on Human Trafficking training workshops available in a variety of formats and levels for all individuals and organisations
  3. The provision of individually-tailored event packages focusing on Equality & Diversity Issues
  4. Raising awareness through events, trainings, workshops, seminars and conferences
  5. Provision of consultation and advice to public and third sector organisations
  6. Online campaigns and advocacy work carried out in partnership with other organisations and groups
  7. Community development projects targeting specific issues around Equality and Diversity and also specialized issues including; Human Trafficking, Hate Crime, FGM and Sectarianism.
  8. Engagement and development of sustainable partnerships between the public, third and private sectors
  9. Strengthening and provision of advice and support to equality forums and groups
  10. Encouragement and support of communities to actively engage in social and civic life working to strengthen community action and empowerment
  11. Third Party Reporting site (soon to be launched)

Events & Campaigns

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    ‘Equality and Diversity in Scotland’ Equal Scotland Launch Event

    Thursday 6th July 2017 16:00 - 17:00

The team

Equal Scotland consists of a diverse and passionate team who are experienced, energetic and dedicated specialists who want to participate in a movement of promoting Equality and Diversity issues through innovation, consultation, empowerment and advocacy. The entire ethos and overview of Equal Scotland is to work collaboratively in partnerships with a wide-range of individuals and organisations across the sectors in Scotland both locally, regionally and nationally in all aspects.

Alexa Anderson

Founder and Chief Executive

I am the Founder and Chief Executive of Equal Scotland who is the driving force behind all things Equality for the organisation! I have over 12 years of experience working and volunteering in Development and the Third Sector in Scotland, Mexico and Southern Africa. I hold a Masters in Development Management and an MA Honours in Social Anthropology. My Master’s thesis project was on Human Trafficking in Scotland which was a catalyst for my becoming a specialist consultant, trainer and researcher in the Human Trafficking landscape. I have worked as a Freelance Trainer for almost 2 years specialising in designing and delivering bespoke training sessions for the Third, Public and Private Sectors in Equality and Diversity and, most recently, Human Trafficking. People are at the very forefront of any work that I do and I am a passionate and committed advocate of Human Rights and standing up to inequalities.
Outside of work, I am a passionate traveller, photographer, reader, cook and scuba diver and love all forms of dance, music and yoga.

Sanjay Singh


Coming from an early career in Corporate Banking and financial services Sanjay then moved to charity sector where he worked for 8 years in Fundraising. Sanjay now works in the Philanthropy sector managing a number of grant giving Trusts. Working with a wide range of organisations in Great Britain and Globally. Sanjay is passionate about creating social change and creating lasting impacts in the communities we live and work in.

As the Chair of Trustees for Equal Scotland Sanjay is delighted to be influencing and shaping the development of critical issues surrounding Human Rights in Scotland and beyond. Sanjay brings to the Board specialist skills in Business Development, Strategy, Social Enterprise development and Revenue Growth.

Jamie Dunlop

Vice Chair

In 2008 Jamie started his career at Young Scot, leading on national projects including Glasgow 2014 Games Legacy Ambassadors and Network Rail Safety Ambassador Projects. In July 2013, Jamie began his role as Youth Engagement Coordinator at the Scottish Youth Parliament. Jamie is also a member of the Senior Management Team. Jamie is passionate about championing the views of young people and ensuring that young people have a voice in the change that affects them.

As a keen advocate for young people Jamie recognises the value of what Equal Scotland does, he has worked on several high profile campaigns encouraging and promoting equality, and supports Equal Scotland with this expertise. Jamie sits on the Advisory Board for the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution and volunteers with Vision Africa.

Pauline Willder


I am Pauline Willder and based in Edinburgh I have been working within the 3rd sector for 15 years and finance for many more. I am currently Finance Manager for Changeworks, a charity that inspires and enables action to reduce carbon, energy and waste.I am delighted to be invited into the Board as Treasurer of Equal Scotland and look forward to being part of such an innovative charitable venture.

Rhona Wilder


I am Rhona Wilder; I have been a mental health support worker with Edinburgh Mental Health Service for the past three years. I have lived experience of mental health and voluntary experience in befriending and counselling all of which have led to my interest in the third sector. I am currently studying a Masters in Strategic Project Management at Herriot-Watt University, after I graduate I plan to continue my career in the third sector or public sector.

I am excited to be a part of Equal Scotland and I am looking forward to using my combination of skills to support the charity to grow. Being a trustee on a board with such a great diversity of experience will be a unique learning opportunity.

John Dickie


Professional fire officer for past 25 Years working mainly in the Lothian & Borders area, previous role was Fire & Rescue Commander for City of Edinburgh, Mid, East Lothian and Scottish Borders, now working in a national role as the Head of Resilience for Scotland within the Scottish Fire % Rescue Service. Live with my partner Angie in West Lothian, no children or pets. Past times are cycling, running generally keeping fit and socialising with friends.

Rhianne Carroll


I am Rhianne and I will be a fulltime student as of September 2015. Currently, I am finishing up my term as a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, an opportunity which has opened many doors for me and introduced me to a lot of issues in our society. An issue which really stood out to me as a major problem was discrimination and when the chance to be a part of Equal Scotland arose, I was excited to get involved.

I am excited to be on the board of trustee’s so that I can be part of an innovative organisation which is fresh and dedicated to helping people from all areas of our society. I am also excited to meet the other members of the board and learn about the diversity of our country in more detail as there is always more you can learn. I am greatly thankful for this opportunity and I can’t wait to get involved.

Junaid Ashraf


Having been Trustee and Convener of Equalities for the Scottish Youth Parliament, I am extremely passionate about tackling inequalities within Scotland and really excited to be joining Equal Scotland on this new journey to especially focus on minority groups who are often overlooked to allow for the inclusion of all groups of people in our country.

Sinita Potiwal


I currently work at Punjabi Junction as Assistant Manager; a social enterprise project created by another inspiring organisation Sikh Sanjog, based in Leith who aim to help empower vulnerable woman to becoming confident and independent. My experience also consists of graduating at Queen Margaret University with an Honours Degree in Event Management.

Joining the Board of Trustees for Equal Scotland brings me great joy because it not only allows me to learn and understand more about the serious issues surrounding all inequalities but it also allows me to use my own skills, experience and knowledge to be a part of an organisation who aim to make a change for the better


Our business model is one which positions partnership-working at the very forefront of every aspect of work that we deliver.
Equal Scotland was officially registered in December 2013 therefore has only been in existence for 15 months. However successful engagement, consultation and collaboration have already taken place with a wide-range of stakeholders throughout the Public, Voluntary and Private Sectors. Equal Scotland has continued to develop and expand its network since formation through attending all relevant events, conferences, workshops and trainings, speaking at all relevant opportunities, delivering inputs and advice, engaging with stakeholders to help sign-post them to specialist services and attending all relevant committee groups and meetings where possible.

Although in its infancy, the modern, innovative and sustainable approach adopted by Equal Scotland reflects its strength and levels of recognition it has so far achieved through the support (and potential partnerships) with both national high-profile organisations as well as those working at a grassroots level. Such diversity of partnerships reflects the manner in which Equal Scotland has successfully aligned itself with a varied selection of established and respected organisations that have placed their trust with Equal Scotland and contribute to placing it as a respected and capable contender for delivering in the Equalities field. Equal Scotland welcomes any potential partnerships in particular those who are new or offering specialised skills and expertise.

Join us

Fake text about joining us – Although in its infancy, the modern, innovative and sustainable approach adopted by Equal Scotland reflects its strength and levels of recognition it has so far achieved through the support (and potential partnerships) with both national high-profile organisations as well as those working at a grassroots level. Such diversity of partnerships reflects the manner in which Equal Scotland has successfully.

Individual members , Organisational members.